Goodrich Castle

Arrived at Goodrich Castle, a short drive from Ross-on-Wye, on a relatively pleasant morning and set off to explore this 12th century ruin with a history. Was able to find some old graffiti as shown in the feature picture, some dated 14??, amazing.

Rumour has it that Goodrich Castle started life as a wooden keep, built a-top an earthwork and probably built by our Norman invaders to try to control this section of the border. It later developed into the impressive structure which we see today. Even though its in ruins it’s splendour is easily imagined.

Most of the damage caused by the Parliamentarians during the civil war. The Parliamentarians had Roaring Meg (see below), and they were able to inflict serious damage on the castle.

The pictures below record our visit.

The entrance, or front door as we call it today.


You are Here. And these are the walls which surround you.


Looking down into the “moat”. A difficult place to get into if they wont open the front door.


The bedrock makes a great foundation to build on.
The bit sticking out next to the big tower is the “Latrine tower”. A row of toilets that had to be dug out periodically. The waste was thrown into the moat. 21st century plumbing is amazingly sophisticated.


Notice the small hole at the bottom of the latrine tower. Hence it had to be dug out regularly.


Impressive bedrock.






Roaring Meg, the weapon of mass destruction of her time.
Crude operation, but effective at destroying walls



Inside the walls.



And through the windows, double glazing optional.



Views from a-top the tower.
Access is via the narrowest and steepest of staircases.
The slow ascent is worth it.
The occupants of the castle would have 360 degree views of the surrounding land. No sneaking up on this place.
The cluster of buildings in the distance were originally a 13th century monastery.

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