February in Bedford and acting like a tourist.

February is not my favourite month. Not great for going on trips. A good time to stay home, keep cosy and maybe get a few things done on the old van. Also a good time to enjoy the local sights.

So when you read a short piece in the Saturday Guardian colour supplement, describing the place where you live, Bedford, (see link below), that other people might aspire to live, it makes you re-think Bedford.

So I did, and took a stroll around in today’s unexpected sun.  Treat the place like tourist I thought. And the old place doesn’t look bad.

I can recommend the Higgins Gallery, some quality art always on view. The Embankment on a day like today takes some beating, I’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve called at the Embankment Hotel for a drink and food. It is our local.

We called in at the Longholme for a coffee. Did a circuit round the Embankment hoping to see the otters which have returned to the river. No luck today.

As the man said, Esquires is a top music venue, not many weeks pass without a must see band appearing there. And the local music masters are always looking for new talent. A lot of bands have strutted on the Esquires stage and gone on to make it big. We’ll be seeing local boy Tom Grennan at Lattitude later in the year.

So there it is, looking at Bedford as a tourist. There are worse places to wake up and call home.

And February is a good time to stay home, catch up on a bit of van maintenance, servicing and repairs. The love and attention will pay off during the year when we visit other beautiful places people call home. But we wont be jealous, we’ll be going home to Bedford.



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Source: Bedford: nicer than you might think – and with hidden depths | Money | The Guardian

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