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It’s #Austerity all the way as #BOS report “Bedfordshire ​schools will be ‘forced’ to cut staff and classes” | Bedfordshire News

Storm clouds are brewing for schools in Bedford as they face cuts in the region of £7.5 million. I’d guess that if those cuts hit schools you’ll be looking at staff losing jobs. It’s where the big savings are.

Austerity still rules whatever the politicians say. Of course the DfE deny all knowledge of cuts.

Source: Bedfordshire schools will be ‘forced’ to cut staff and classes | Bedfordshire News


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Dear Justine Greening: how can you let schools shed pupils, like apples off a tree? | Education | The Guardian

“A recent report claimed to show which headteachers make the most impact on improving pupils’ chances. It categorised headteachers into types; one type is “surgeons”. Alex Hill, a researcher on this Centre for High Performance report, said schools run by “surgeons” “would lose as many as 25% of [pupils in] the GCSE year”.

So how does this go unnoticed?


Source: Dear Justine Greening: how can you let schools shed pupils, like apples off a tree? | Education | The Guardian

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We’re off to hell in a hand cart, even though we’re all suited up.

Having watched Channel 4 news tonight, is there any wonder we are totally fucked.

Apparently we have a Prime Minister who thinks the most important contribution he can make, is to compare his own sartorial elegance, a dapper suit, to the casual attire of the Leader of the Opposition.

That his Health Secretary has apparently made  some dubious claims about the Junior Doctors, is determined to impose a contract of employment on the said Doctors, provoking them to call three, forty-eight hour strikes, seems to have completely passed him by .

It has not yet registered with him that our NHS is falling apart, primarily because of the actions of his ministers.

If that’s not enough, Channel 4 seem pretty confident that there has been some dodgy goings-on in recent by elections involving his party. His “party activists” in the said by-election, allegedly “professional” activists, were brought in because his party is hemorrhaging members.

In 219 constituencies they have less than 100 members, and apparently are not equipped to fight an election anywhere in the country. This apparently might explain the dodgy goings-on as the “professional” activists don’t have a clue what they are doing. But no one  from the Prime Minister’s party is able, or willing, to answer any questions.

His Chancellor is presiding over an economy that is reduced to the level of a stall at a Sunday morning car boot sale, where the main items on sale are the assets of the UK citizens, built up over years of hard work and taxation.

His Department of Work and Pensions is on a crusade to eliminate poverty and disability by a policy of starvation and suicide, aimed at the working poor and the disabled.

Latest figures show the biggest rise in death rates since the war. On top of all that, his Secretary of State is presiding over the biggest cock-up in Departmental reform the country has seen, and he still manages to stay in his job.

The Prime Minister’s Department of Education has been reduced to a production line for children to pass tests. Teachers are leaving in droves, causing a recruitment crisis that everyone, apart from him, acknowledges is real and acute. Meanwhile his current Secretary of State for Education continues to look like a rabbit trapped in the headlights when she is questioned about Education Policy.

We have no houses left. If it’s a bad April, and the April Showers are torrential this year, 30% of the country will be under water, again.

He managed to get everyone who likes suits to support him in a bombing campaign over Syria. Now the Russians and Turks are on the verge of World War Three, and we’ve managed to drop 4 bombs.

He’s trying to destroy the Trade Unions with his latest bill. Not content with that, he has told charities they cannot lobby Parliament without the risk of losing funding, and ethical purchases are now illegal.

Gove 2His previous Education Secretary, now Minister for Justice, has joined the opposition in the EU debacle, and this morning said the PM was mistaken about his claim that the negotiated deal was legally binding. To put it Bluntly, his colleague, Gove, called him a liar, because Prime Ministers don’t make mistakes.

Later in the morning, somebody called Nick tried to defend him on the politics show and was made to look like a complete fool by Neil Andrew, or is it Andrew Neil, and a woman from Labour called Gisela Stuart.

The next potential Tory Prime Minister, the PM’s other new enemy, makes Corbyn look like a well dressed manikin in a TopMan shop window display. He also needs to buy a comb.

No one can doubt it, we are going to hell in a hand cart, and the Prime Minister is pushing it as fast as he can.

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Gove was ‘despised’, says Nicky Morgan’s new mental health tsar | Schools Week

“Michael Gove was a “despised” and “divisive” education secretary who refused to acknowledge the link between mental health and academic performance”, says the present education secretary’s mental health tsar.

Michael-Gove_jpg_pagespeed_ce_0Dv96BPT6TShe said Mr Gove’s refusal to accept the link between health and self-esteem and performance at school manifested in many ways, including a “narrowed curriculum”, “slashed budgets” and his “refusal to sign a mandate” ensuring a minimum of two hours of physical education per week.

She might have added that Gove will always be despised for what he did during his time at education.

At least we now have someone speaking directly to the Education Secretary about mental health issues and its impact in our schools.

Source: Gove was ‘despised’, says Nicky Morgan’s new mental health tsar | Schools Week

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At last a glimmer of light as DfE forced to release academy sponsor takeover fees after tribunal ruling | Schools Week

The Department for Education (DfE) has been ordered to reveal how much it paid new academy sponsors to takeover failing schools, after a 12-month legal battle

Source: DfE forced to release academy sponsor takeover fees after tribunal ruling | Schools Week

Mr Farrer QC also criticised the advice given to children’s minister Sam Gyimah by civil servants encouraging him to reject the information request.

“The evidence supporting that opinion was tenuous, to say the least, and the [minister] took no account of the possible weaknesses in the argument submitted, because they were never drawn to the minister’s attention.”

I wonder how many other ministers can’t spot the weaknesses in arguments presented by civil servants? Or is it possible they don’t want to spot them?

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