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#Greens call on everyone to support a fair and democratic #EUReferendum and sign #38DegreesPetition

The Green Party has pledged to challenge the BBC after it failed to award the party a single party political broadcast for 2016. In contrast the BBC has given three political party broadcast slots to UKIP.

On their Media Centre The BBC claim,  “There are two criteria: the first is representation, for instance, holding a seat in the House of Commons, the European Parliament or the devolved institutions;  the second involves a broader assessment of electoral support over a number of different sorts of elections.”

Based on that criteria, there is no wonder that Natalie Bennett, Leader of The Green Party, is “astonished” they have been denied “vital broadcast coverage”.

Green Party members have been quick to respond to the BBC on social media, and an online petition already has nearly 3500 signatures.

Natalie Bennet, Leader of The Green PartyNatalie Bennet’s  comments came after the BBC announced that it will be increasing UKIP’s number of broadcasts from zero to three, equal with Labour, the Conservatives, and the Liberal Democrats, but excluding the Greens, who will not have any party broadcasts.

The BBC decision, and the criteria for allocating broadcast time,   fails to recognise that The Green Party quadrupled its vote in the recent 2015 general election, and currently has the same number of MPs as UKIP. The Green Party also has representatives in the European Parliament and many councillors at local level.

Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, could barely conceal her anger at the BBC decision, and spoke for all Green Party members as she castigated the Corporation’s decision.

“After all that happened last year I am astonished that the BBC has chosen to deny us vital broadcast coverage” she said. “We have the same number of MPs as UKIP who have been granted three broadcasts. We quadrupled our vote share in the last election. We’ve grown as a party by more than three times in the last 12 months. I’m starting to wonder what exactly it is that we need to do to convince the BBC to grant us fair representation”.

Ms Bennett was supported by Shahrar Ali, Deputy Leader of the Green Party, who added: “The BBC is sometimes criticised for being too fond of repeats and I am certainly getting a strong sense of déjà vu. Only this time last year we were denied a place in the leaders’ debates”. He then went on to remind the BBC that, “a quarter of a million people were moved to sign a petition calling on broadcasters to change their minds and give us a spot. We’re certain that by challenging this decision and demonstrating the strength of our support we can do the same once again.”

Shahrar AliThe BBC can expect a response from Green Party members everywhere. The Party leadership are requesting an urgent meeting with the BBC to discuss their decision.

The party is also calling on everyone who supports a fair and open, democratic EU referendum,  to  sign the petition on the 38 Degrees website.


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Green Collar Nation – #GreenCollarNation

Green Collar Nation is a timely vision of what the future could be.

The Green Party has welcomed a report on a just transition to a low-carbon economy by the TUC and Greenpeace, calling it a “timely” and “weighty” contribution to the green job creation debate.

Green collar nation: a Just Transition to a low-carbon economy is championing inclusive democracy, green jobs and a rapid, jobs-rich expansion of renewable energy generation.

The report’s main focus is on how creating green jobs can reverse the long-term decline in UK manufacturing, how we can improve energy efficiency with new technologies, and the importance of industrial democracy in implementing this vision.

Nat-CanGreen Party leader, Natalie Bennett said: “More jobs, lower energy bills, fewer climate emissions – that’s what we see as the foundation of successful, resilient local communities and we’re delighted that the TUC and Greenpeace have published this report detailing how we can create new and secure, low-carbon jobs.

“This is a weighty and timely contribution to the green jobs debate and we look forward to the government’s consideration and response.”

She added: “Particularly welcome is the report’s focus on the need for democratic decision-making from the local level upwards: we need to improve the way the UK is governed, passing power back to the people, back to where they live and work.” And so say all of us.

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Will the UK Government attend the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris whilst cutting funding for renewable energy and planning new runways?

The UK government cannot continue with its current energy policies, according to the Green Party, after the government’s approach was given a damning verdict by the UN’s chief environmental scientist.

Professor Jacquie McGlade was concerned to “see [renewables] subsidies being withdrawn and the fossil fuel industry being enhanced”, adding “It’s a very serious signal – a very perverse signal that we do not want to create.”

Natalie Bennett, the Green Party’s leader is urging David Cameron to listen to the experts and head to the Paris climate change talks with an action plan that acknowledges the urgency of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Natalie Bennett said:

“The concerns expressed by the UN demonstrates it’s time for immediate action. If the Prime Minster won’t listen to voices from within the UK who are saying it’s now or never when it comes to us hitting our climate change targets; then he should listen to the international experts.

“David Cameron has to show that he’s serious about tackling climate change. The United Nations Climate Change conference in Paris begins in a few weeks, it would be ridiculous if the UK delegation were to head there having continued to cut renewables subsidies and planning for a new airport runway in London.”

Will the UK attend the UN Conference whist continuing to cut funding for renewable energy supplies and planning new runways?

Probably, because that’s the sort of Government we have, completely divorced from reality on just about every policy they propose.

BBC News

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Electoral reform: ‘When only 24% of eligible voters back a government, it’s clear that the system is broken.’

Natalie Bennett, Green Party Leader, has continued her party’s push for electoral reform by signing an Unlock Democracy petition calling for Parliament to give parties a share of seats closely reflecting “the share of votes the people give them”.

At May’s General Election, the Green Party had its best ever result by winning over one million votes but were only rewarded with only one MP – Brighton Pavilion’s Caroline Lucas.

Bennett said:

“I’m delighted to see the campaign for a fair voting system going from strength to strength. It’s a cross-party and community effort that reflects the fact that many people in Britain are saying ‘this government doesn’t represent us, doesn’t speak for us’.

“When only 24% of eligible voters back a government, it’s clear that the system is broken. Voters need to know that their choice has an impact and that it counts.”

Polling released shortly before the 2015 General Election revealed that 74% of the public support the principle of proportional voting, where votes are accurately translated into seats, only 6% disagreeing.


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Natalie Bennett: This deal is “multinational corporations rigging the system to bolster their profits at our expense”

The completion of a Pacific trade deal, with far-reaching consequences for rules and standards, must act as a warning for Europe on trade liberalisation, says the Green Party.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership resembles a similar deal proposed for Europe and the United States, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), whereby companies will be able to use private courts to sue governments for loss of profits caused by legislation changes.

Under TTIP proposals, health services are also expected to have an increased financial burden due to pharmaceutical companies being able to easily increase and dictate drug prices. Critics also fear that countries with the strictest food safety regulations will have to lower safety standards because of rapidly falling costs.

“I feel very disappointed for all the campaigners who fought hard to stop this deal from coming into existence, but it now means that Europeans don’t need a crystal ball to predict the future of TTIP”, said Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett.

“Instead we can see the parallels between the two deals, both carried out in secret with dire democratic consequences.

“We’ve already seen how the North American Free Trade Agreement, with its promise to create new jobs for US workers, actually led to millions of job-losses when work migrated to cheaper areas. TTIP could have a similar consequence for Europe by making it easier to shift jobs out of the continent.”

“The Green Party is committed to fighting TTIP and the sister deal CETA, with Canada every step of the way.  It’s a cause that’s growing in strength, with the European petition against TTIP now reaching three million signatures. Half a million of those signatures are from the UK.”

“The Trans-Pacific Partnership still needs to pass the hurdle of national ratification  and there is strong opposition, including from US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who rightly sees it as multinational corporations rigging the system to bolster their profits at our expense.”


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