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A vote for a Westminster Politician is a vote for more failure, cunningly disguised as progress.

I listen to Jeremy Hunt talking on the radio about the NHS. He is calm, softly spoken, subdued. It s Friday 12th February.

Jeremy does not make wild claims about how many £billions the Government is investing in hospitals. He seems to accept that there is very little he and his Government can do. Accepts that things are happening in hospitals that are unacceptable. Jeremy doesn’t know what to do.

There is so much wrong that Jeremy does not know where to start. He could start with money. But it would probably just disappear in the same way that the £billions already going into the NHS disappears, caring for sick, injured, aging people.

Money might help, but the NHS project has been messed around so much, it’s now a dysfunctional organisation. Just like so much of our so-called society.

After 40 years of policies propelling us in a particular direction, following an orthodoxy of how services should be provided, how the  country, the world, should run, there is very little chance of changing that direction.

enhanced-5828-1422376459-41Poor Jeremy Hunt. He is the beneficiary of 40 years of chopping, changing, cuts, re-investment and re-organisation. Now no one knows what the hell to do with the NHS. Likewise social care. Soon to be followed by education.

Parents will soon find their local school suffering in exactly the same way  their local hospital suffers. And just like nurses are not to blame, so the teachers are not to blame. Nor the care-workers.

In fact the workers in every industry, every sector, are not to blame for what is wrong with so many things in our country. It’s not the fault of the jobless. Or the immigrants. Or the disabled. Or the unions. Or the young. Or the old.

image-20170103-18644-18y94b1Remember when you were told it was the trade unions who were dragging us down. It was the trade unions and their militant members who were to blame for our economic woes. We needed to tame the unions and take away their power. We did that, and look what happened.

Bedford Station

Bedford Station

Remember when the nationalised industries were the problem. Wasting money. Inefficient. Poor service. The solution was privatisation.

Privatise rail, energy, water, everything, and all the problems would disappear. And today the railways are in the news doing their best to rip-off passengers. Energy companies with their confusing tariffs. And how the hell the water companies compete I have no idea.

Action for rail campaigners

Action for rail campaigners

Remember when we built millions of homes. Mostly council homes, with long tenancies and affordable rents. And then we sold them and did not build any replacements. And said the private sector would provide all the homes we’d need.

And then we sat back and waited …….. until the free market sorted it all out.

And now there are no homes to rent, and those that are for rent are unaffordable. And those who want to buy a home can’t afford a mortgage. And house prices are astronomical, and wages are low, and you never get a pay rise. And we found out the big builder’s five-star quality ratings are in decline, and house build quality is in decline.

So now the Government is going to sort this terrible problem faced by the people. By getting the private sector to build a million homes in double-quick time. But they’re going to need thousands of builders, mainly from the EU.

Remember when we you were told that the next car you buy should have a diesel engine because ………… And now you can’t breathe the air because of the nitrogen oxides. And you were conned by the big diesel car manufacturers. And you can’t sell your diesel car because suddenly no one wants a diesel engine vehicle. The price of diesel has risen and it’s the cause of God knows how many deaths by air pollution.

Fat cat pay rise funded by Public Sector pay cutAnd here we are, with all our public services sliding into chaos and collapse. A work force that is totally subjugated. Wages falling. Not enough homes. And even if we build more homes,  people cannot afford to rent or buy them. And air pollution kills thousands every year.workers

But we have a few very wealthy people. And they are getting richer. And the Government doesn’t seem to mind, they even try to make them richer, whilst making the poor worker who can’t afford their rent, a lot poorer.

Not to mention taking away the worker’s right to fight for a share of the wealth. So who is to blame?

The people who decide the policies? The people who make the decisions? The people who can’t see the problem? The people who ignore the problem? The people who have the power to change things but don’t, or wont? The electorate?

When I listened to Jeremy Hunt, he sounded like a man who had run out of ideas. He sounded like a man who realised that everything that had been tried for the last forty years, not only had not worked, it had made everything a lot worse. He sounded like a man who didn’t know what to do.11219680_10206840782682590_7514362104973947762_n

And Jeremy Hunt is not the only one who doesn’t know what to do. Westminster is full of people who don’t know what to do. Especially about the things that matter.

There is only one thing the politicians in Westminster know how to do , that’s bullshit, trick, con and persuade the electorate to vote for the same set of failed people, with their failed ideas and their failed policies.

The last forty years may have worked for a few. The last forty years have not worked for that majority of the electorate. Whatever happens next has to be really thought through, and the chance of Westminster doing that is pretty remote.

If we make judgements based on our emotional response to the last forty years we will elect more extreme versions of what has gone before. Our policies were not tough enough. We were soft on the groups who we blamed. Maybe it’s time we sorted these problems once and for all.

But if, instead, we think about the policies, we just might think those policies were wrong, and those who proposed the policies were wrong. It may well be time to look for an alternative that works for the majority.

The ground is prepared. The seeds have been sown. What will flourish in our pleasant land?


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It’s hard being cynical when the Government are so transparent

As George Osborne’s Northern Powerhouse continues to collapse around his ears like a two-day old Tory Budget, civil servants in Sheffield are voting on strike action in response to the planned closure of their office.

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills wants to move its Northern Powerhouse HQ down to London. Never has a Government Department been so inaptly named.

Moving the office to London could cost up to 250 jobs, a real boost to the Northern Powerhouse.

Martin Donnelly has been accused of failing to justify the move, with no business case being presented to justify the move and he was accused by the Commons Public Accounts Committee of giving misleading evidence.

I find it hard to believe a Tory Minister would present “misleading” evidence. It’s likely to be something very simple, like all lies.

Mr Donnelly let the cat out of the bag when he said that by moving to London he would “save £350 million”. No doubt this will help Chancellor Osborne provide more tax cuts to his hard up friends, or as we all know them, “elite, wealthy, tax avoiders”. It’s hard being cynical when the Government are so transparent.

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#Conservatives reveal #Osborne’s attempts at forecasting are piss-poor.

“Osborne has missed every Budget target since he became Chancellor in 2010”, says Alex Deane on Conservative Home.

Source: Alex Deane: Osborne’s outrageous attempt to scare voters | Conservative Home

” He predicted we would clear the budget deficit by 2015. A year on and he has missed that target by over £70 billion or almost equivalent to the entire education budget.”

“Since he has become Chancellor, in five years, he has added £572 billion to the UK’s total public debt, taking it to £1.57 trillion. Why should he be believed when he attempts to forecast for 2030?”

“Or any other year for that matter?” – says Bedford Burrow on Bedford Burrow 

“Not only this, but the Treasury failed to foresee the financial crisis in 2008/9 and subsequent credit crunch, which was the single greatest global contraction since the 1930s.” – and we all thought it was Labour what done it.

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#Tories admit #Osborne is shit.

Right now the Tories in the EU Leave camp are saying that George Osborne’s forecasts are shit. With all the resources at his disposal the Tories are saying Osborne’s forecasts are not worth the paper they are written on.

OSBORNE #STICKITTOTHETORIESWell that’s no big surprise to millions of us. Just look at his record. So next time George comes up with a forecast telling you everything is going to be wonderful remember what the Tories said: Osborne’s forecasts are shit.

The next time he tells you about his long-term economic plan, or whatever he calls it next time, remember what the Tories told you. Osborne struggles to predict what day it is tomorrow so the chances of him predicting what will happen in 6 months time is zero.

My planTwelve months from now he will not have any chance of forecasting what the economic conditions will be. Osborne is shit, and it was the Tories who told you he is shit.

And just for the record the other lot of Tories can’t tell you anything about what’s going to happen if we leave. They are no better than Osborne.

Now the Tories have let the cat out of the bag. The two Tory gangs hate each other and they don’t have an economic clue between them. And the Tories told you themselves.

Most of us have known Osborne is shit, but at least we have a load of Tories agreeing with us.


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Tory tax credits U-turn will still cost working families – Can you trust Westminster?

The Mirror revealed how changes to the ‘income rise disregard’ were going ahead – and it turns out they’ll hit a huge number of people

Source: Hidden gap in Tories’ tax credits U-turn will clobber up to 800,000 families – Mirror Online

Mirror Online 8th February 2016.

Another example of Westminster using sneaky methods to deceive the electorate. This time by  using a House of Lords Committee to sneak through changes.

Despite claiming Tax Credit cuts had been shelved, Osborne made other changes which  will still see low earners being penalised whilst high earners are rewarded.

Can you trust Westminster?

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